how much does it cost to repair a leaking roof
19 Jun

A leaking roof is one issue with your home that you should not take for granted because of the variety of complications that might follow. In Australia, if you are a homeowner then you will have to repair a leaking roof as soon as you notice it. There are those signs that will show that your roof is leaking even when you have an attic and can’t see the roof directly from the rooms of the building.

Repair of roofs on homes is a very common task that many homeowners would want to do for their home’s roof. This can be attributed to the harsh weather conditions in the country all through the year. The extreme weather conditions affect any type of roof that you might have on your home; even the sturdiest roofing type that is designed with the latest advanced technology. Infiltration of rainwater into a home through the roof that is over it is something that you as the homeowner should just be prepared to deal with.

In Australia, to repair a leaking roof, you will have to pay a price that is determined by the nature of the work going to be done in the repair process. If the leakages have been extended through greater parts of the roof, then you will have to pay more. Similarly, if the project for the repair work is quite complex, the professional roof repair company you work with will charge you high amounts.

If you examine the roof over your home and you notice the only issue is a leaking roof, then minor repair work would be needed to restore it. It will not take either much effort or money to get the integrity of such a roof restored. A professional should be able to provide this service in an effective, durable and reliable manner.

For roof repair services in Australia, the costs for the work vary drastically from one service to another also from one repair company to another. Several factors also come into play and these make it quite difficult to put an exact number for the roof repair work that you get.

Factors that determine the cost of roof leakages repair

The factors that determine how much it will cost to repair your roof leakages include;

  1. Scope of the damage; obviously if the roof leakages are spread through a wide surface area of the roof, this will cost more than in the case where it is not that much spread. You would avoid spending too much if you notice the damage earlier before it spread to most parts of the roof
  2. The steepness of the slope of the roof; if the roof is quite steep, then this will alter the labour expenses for the job and you might just have to pay more than if it was not so steep
  • The leak on the roof; the scope of the leak on the roof is a major determinant of how much it will cost you to restore the normal condition of the roof.
  1. Several leaks on the roofs; if the leaks on the roof can be counted, then this might just be used to determine what you will have to pay for the job. The professional working with you will consider how many holes on the roof they will have to patch to prevent any more leakages
  2. The surface area of the roof; the area of the roof that is being checked will be a determinant especially if the professional that you work with has to examine the whole roof to check for leakages. This might take them a longer time than had they found the exact spots of the leakages on the roof
  3. The roofing material; the material used for the correction of the leakages will vary in terms of quality as well as in terms of cost. Some of the materials needed would be quite costly. However, such type of materials are of high quality and would provide a long-lasting solution
  • Accessibility of the roof; some types of roofs especially those on commercial tall buildings are quite challenging to access and this might need a lot of work from the expert you are working with. Therefore, they might charge you more for the work

If you are checking out your home to see if the roof is affected by any leakages, it would be wise to go up the attic and give it a check. You should be able to examine the walls of the attic and also check for droplets of water on the floor of the attic. To do this you might have to get there immediately after a downpour because the drops of water might dry up and you will not be able to figure out if the roof is leaking.

Similarly, you can opt to go up there during the day, and have the lights of the attic switched off. When you get there, you should be keen to notice if the roof is letting in light from the outside into the attic. If you see the ray of lights, then that means that there are holes on the roofing that will be the cause of leakages.

Leaking roofs might also be noticed when you check on the walls of the attic of the home that you live in. if the paint on the walls appears to be peeling off, then that might be caused by water that is resulting from the leakages on the roof of the house.

Bottom line

The expense you will have to incur to repair a leaking roof will be determined by the severity of the damage on the roof. When the roof is just starting to leak, the damage is controllable and would not need too much work to be corrected. On the other hand, if your intervention comes at a much later stage of the leaking, you might have to pay more for the labour work to get the roof repaired.

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