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    Roof Restoration Perth: is it the best option for my house?

    While there are many roof coating contractors that promote different systems to everyone and make claims that they will work with any roofing system in place, the best option would be roof restoration, depending on various factors. It is true that you can apply a coat or two of waterproofing on any existing roof, no matter what the membrane looks like. However, much like a successful traditional recovery system, the existing roof must present a viable substrate for the application of a restoration system, or monies spent on simply spraying the roof will be wasted.

    The concept is like installing a third roof or installing a second roof over a roof that is currently holding water either between the membrane layers or in the insulation.These systems can only be effective if they are used over a roofing system that does not contain moisture and has a surface capable of accepting a uniform, smooth coat.

    The best way to find out if this is necessary for your building is examine the roof which comes for free nor an obligation. Making this simple phone call could potentially save you tens of thousands if the system is a match for you.

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    What does a roof restoration involve?

    Generally speaking, a roofing professional will start by cleaning the roof with a high-pressure washer to remove any dirt, algae, and mould.

    Secondly, they will repair any damage. For tiled roofs, this can involve replacing any cracked or broken tiles. For sheet metal roofs, this generally involves sealing any leaks or replacing the metal sheeting. Tiled roofs may also require rebedding and repointing.

    The final step is usually repainting or recoating the roof. This generally involves a general primer, then a filler if it is an older tiled roof, followed by a topcoat.

    How long does a roof restoration last?

    You can expect a roof restoration to last for approximately 15 years. Additionally, paint manufacturers will typically give a warranty for the paint used, which can often be for 10 years or more. When seeking out roof restoration perth quotes, consider double-checking what warranties apply and what you will and won’t be covered for.

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